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Pulsar is a branding agency based in Nairobi, Kenya offering brands a one-stop solution for your brand marketing needs. Branding is your unique identifier to your customer. Whether done well or not, at the end of it, you still give your customers a perception of you. Great brands ensure they focus on building the right image using the right resources. Pulsar Limited has harnessed these resources to ensure you grow a successful brand.

Branding is at the core of every business.

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Our logo Collection at Pulsar Limited


Logo Design Collection

First impressions are lasting impressions. We create brand identities through a process that ensures your brand will stand out. In this collection, we feature some of the brand identity projects we’ve worked on.


Website Design Collection

Digital Marketing can be leveraged by your brand to give you a competitive edge and share with your audience your latest developments. We design and develop websites as part of a process that ensures growth for your brand online. This is a collection of some of the website design projects we have worked on.

Website Design Agency in Nairobi - Pulsar Limited

Stellar Work for Brands

The process from idea to actual product is faced with numerous challenges. At first, it is unclear as the idea is abstract in your mind. With our branding process and experience at Pulsar Limited, bringing these ideas to life successfully is always an exciting opportunity. It is what we do, brand communication.

The Best From Our Blog

This is the latest from Pulsar where we share insights on digital marketing, brand strategy, design and branding with analysis on companies from Kenya and Africa at large.

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Insights | Downloads

From time to time we do marketing research, compile white papers, design e-books and other various materials that we share with marketers.