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Consistency through Brand Standards

As a branding agency, we solve a challenge many brands face today, that is lack of a clear brand voice. Do you as a brand ensure all your brand communication is in one voice?

Brand Standards Design and Development Nairobi
Brand Standards Collaboration Tool
A tool that collaborates with your brand’s strategy.

More Than Just Brand Guidelines

As a branding agency, we view the brand standards (or guidelines) as a tool that goes beyond facilitating design requirements. It is an opportunity to enable stakeholders of your brand understand your entire brand communication. Brand communication plays a great role in delivering value to your customers.

To deliver value to your customers in today’s marketing environment, you need to be responsive. The brand standards should facilitate designers, and agencies thereof, to meet you brand communication needs on the fly.

Spurring Creativity... Not Restricting It

Brand guidelines should give you an edge as well.

A paradox maybe, but how can guidelines or rules thereof be set in a manner such as to allow creativity to bloom? How can creativity bloom yet maintain the same consistency your customers resonate with?

At Pulsar Limited, we answer these questions with a resounding YES! It is possible to design brand guidelines that allow for flexibility at the same time creating a consistent look and feel for your brand.

Brand Standards Accessibility Pulsar Limited

Is Your Brand Accessible?

How do stakeholders access important resources?

You probably experience this problem as a brand manager. You have a beautiful PowerPoint Template styled to suit your brand, but no, someone just had to use some generic template. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you have made your brand resources accessible.

We have managed to build a brand portal that our customers get to benefit from. This is basically an online platform to manage your brand’s assets including templates, logos and even the brand standards themselves.

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