Colours Speaks more for your Brand than you Know

Colour Management for Your Brand

Colour evokes certain emotions in people based on various cultural backgrounds. Colour is part of the corporate identity and is crucial as a brand identifier.

Colour Management For Brands in Nairobi, Kenya
Colour Management for Kenyan Brands
Colour Evokes Emotions

Colour Consistency Builds Brand Association

In our brand identity design process, we gain an understanding of your brand’s purpose. This purpose builds on everything including your corporate colours. We believe your corporate colours are a reflection of your brand. It is therefore important for your brand to consistently use the same colours across various touchpoints especially marketing collateral.
Some of the tools we use include Pantone™ Colours to achieve this consistency. Pantone™ Colours are standard colours provided by Pantone™ with a colour matching system as an industry standard since the 1950s. Pulsar Print Division uses Colour Management which ensures consistent colour reproduction.

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