Forging wholesome online marketing experiences.

Digital Marketing for Brands

What if your digital strategy worked just as well, or even better than your traditional channels? Our approach gives your brand a wholesome digital marketing experience for greater return on marketing investment.

Digital Marketing for Brands in Kenya

Digital Marketing for Brands

Experiences our Digital Solutions.

Building a brand presence on the internet requires extensive planning and this should be in line with your overall corporate strategy.
At Pulsar we therefore view digital marketing as part of the larger promotional mix which includes advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling.
We work with your brand in planning your digital strategies ensuring we integrate it with your current communication plan. The aim is to create a consistent tone and voice across all channels.

A Modern Approach

Web Design that Makes Sense

Away with the old school way of designing websites. Large upfront costs, development that takes ages, and worst of all, no return on investment.
Why not build it continuously? The user determines design – but how? Through usage analytics, and this can only be collected over time. Our growth oriented design demands for continuous learning and improvement of your digital resources. This is through learning about your online visitors to inform on-going website improvements. Therefore we can optimise your website backed by actual data hence reach peak performance.

Web Design Agency Nairobi Kenya
Web Design Agency Nairobi
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Beyond the Website Design

Our digital experience gives you access to an all-round expertise so your brand can get a return on investment. We build your content so your website stays fresh throughout. Your site will be search engine optimised to ensure you are in front.
Those with resources can plan for digital advertising campaigns with our skills to maximise sales conversions.
Better yet, you can build relationships with your clients both on social media and with email marketing. Digital marketing has never been easier for you and your brand.

Ready to go Digital?

At the core of every business is a brand. Pulsar is ready to work with your brand as a partner you can grow together with.