Billions of web pages... is it sheer luck to be at the top of search results or some magic formula?

What Are You Searching For?

Search engines, especially Google and Bing, created an entire industry dedicated to doing just one thing, getting your web page to number one. We are part of it here at Pulsar.

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On Top of Things

First Things First

This is a long and painstaking effort that requires your brand’s patience. Once you get to the top, or at least the first page, it is not over, you are now in a different battle zone.

It is obvious being on the first page of search results for specific search phrases can be a goldmine for your brand. Reaching this goldmine needs to be a carefully planned process.

It is important to stay away from myths and dangerous or outdated practices. It is in the best interest of the brand and the search engine to offer relevant results to their users. Remember, it not about traffic but qualified traffic.

Getting Technical

Where do we Start?

You cannot begin to imagine how ugly your brand’s website may be… at least in technical terms. A search engine is basically a crawler that indexes information and serves that information to the user. This is the first thing we find out from your website, is it crawler friendly? We call this a technical audit and has quite a long checklist which we have developed here at Pulsar.

The technical audit can be provided to your brand as a separate service and at the end of it we give you a report that can be used by any digital marketing team to implement.

SEO Process in Kenya Pulsar
Set the ball rolling at Pulsar with SEO
The Complete Experience

Set the Ball Rolling

Once we’ve got the foundations covered, we proceed to create a strategy and a plan. SEO is a multifaceted approach and must incorporate various supporting elements such as content marketing. We offer the complete digital experience for brands here at Pulsar.

The strategy we deploy for you will be in tandem with your digital strategy and consequently your marketing strategy. This ensures your SEO efforts are an integral part of your marketing plan.

Why is the marketing plan an integral part? Imagine if this was done in a silo, what would then be the use. Why get leads online that you can’t nurture? This is why all your brand’s marketing efforts should be integrated into one.

Start Your Journey to the First Page

This long journey requires commitment to get meaningful results. Brands that have worked with us including ourselves have benefitted from SEO. Ready whenever you are!