What will it take to make your event different?

Event Marketing Solutions

Have you seen it at events? Is your brand a culprit? “Just write your contact information down and we’ll get back to you,” says a sales representative. Of course, they almost never do… some don’t even collect this information!

Event Marketing Kenya
Event Registration Solutions Kenya
Digital Solutions

Registration and Lead Capture Solutions

We complement event planners and brands that carry out marketing events to ease planning. Events are an opportunity for brands to interact with potential customers and more importantly create and subsequently sustain relationships.

Our registration solutions allow you to save on resources and increase efficiency. Larger events may require specialised registration solutions that include e-ticketing for your event. We at Pulsar can deploy such solutions for your brand.

These digital solutions enable your brand create and maintain a database of potential leads. This is the beginning of relationships.

Working with Agility

Creative and Marketing Solutions

Perhaps you need more than registration solutions. We are a branding agency capable of providing your brand with promotional solutions that will attract people to your event.

Whether it is a business to business or a business to consumer event, preparation is paramount. We consult with brands, working with them in preparation for their event from a marketing perspective.

Our digital marketing team also advises on how you can make technology work in your favour. How does your website come into play? How do you get social media to work for you during the day?

We also offer printing solutions for various items such as award certificates, physical tickets, marketing collateral, dummy cheques, press banner backdrops among others.

Create Better Events

Memorable events are the results of great planning. We complement your efforts by giving you top of the line solutions