Breeding Something New

Repositioning Advantages Through Rebranding

With the market environment in constant flux of change, there comes a time when the brand must reposition itself in the market. Rebranding is the solution to this change. While it comes at great risk, if done right, the payoff will be a stronger brand with the ability to connect to and with your customers.

Rebranding Agency in Kenya
Making the Complex Simple

The Rebranding Process


Where has your brand been? Where is it now? Where do you look to go? This stage is all about gaining Insights from internal stakeholders, including management, customers and even employees.


What do we do with all the information gathered? We do an analysis that to gain clarity. A focus and a strategy is developed that will guide the brand to greater heights. This is also known as positioning the brand.


Articulate. How do we tie down the big idea to a visual representation? This phase of the process allows creative talent to bloom and bring meaning to the scientific process. Your brand’s journey starts here.

Rebranding Agency in Kenya
At the heart of rebranding is a change in value proposition.

New Values, New Brand

Turning over a new leaf. This is something every one of us experiences in life… and so do organisations. The need for this change may be caused by various factors such as mergers & acquisitions, new strategic direction, ageing brand amongst other factors.

At the heart of rebranding is a change in value proposition. This is why rebranding is more than just changing the brand identity. Change must start from within and proceed progressively to various facets of the brand including the brand identity.

What Will it Take to Nurture Your Brand?

A Branding Agency with Capacity

Rebranding projects are known for taking ages to complete. Coming to an agreement can be difficult and there can be endless iterations – if one doesn’t know what they are doing.

We have specialised in building brands over time and we have an intricate understanding of the process. Our flexibility allows us to deploy scalable teams that suit the size of your brand.

Our branding process engages all relevant stakeholders which in turn ensures a focused brand narrative is developed. What you get in turn is a rebranding initiative that will be successful.

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Get more than just the brand identity.

Get it All at One Place

As a consequence of our process, your brand gets to benefit. The consultative nature of the process means you get deeper insights into your brand. This means developing the strategic plan, the brand strategy and the marketing plan is now comfortably within your reach.

Moreover, our approach ensures your brand is developed to international standards. You get access to important resources for your brand such as brand guidelines, which includes a brand portal.

Beyond the rebranding, you get access to other skillsets that we have developed as a branding agency over time. This includes digital marketing, printing services as well as creative advertising campaigns. At Pulsar, you get it all at one place.

Leverage the Fresh Start

Reposition yourself in the market. At the end of the rebranding process, your brand should gain repositioning advantages. Build a stronger brand with the ability to connect to and with your customers