Why are we really here?

A Somewhat Reflective Journey

I know, I know. These “About” pages are usually filled with the boring stuff, which you can find here by the way, in a not boring design. However, I wanted to make things a little different here, after all, it is what we are all about, making interesting things and things interesting.

This is a story of “Why?”. Back in 2015, I wondered, should I really do this? But before I get into that, let’s start from the beginning.

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Calvin Omari
Founder + Other Shoes

Calvin Omari

Every man I meet is my master in some point, and in that I learn of him – Ralph W. Emerson

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A question thrown at me more often than not is how I ended up doing design. With a double major in Marketing and Management Science, an MBA somewhere, how does design come in? Well, I got into design accidentally. I needed money for another project we were undertaking with my friends and I somehow was handed the responsibility to do a business card design… and thus the journey began. Can passion for anything grow on you? I believe it can! That was 2007 and from then it is a skill I have honed out to build something bigger than just design; a branding agency.

From interest to business in 2009. A business that was for the better part of it successful but challenging to run as well. Over the years, we built the business from strength to strength, but as is with any relationship, challenges arise. This culminated in the sale of my stake in it to start something else. Pulsar.

Pulsar Limited came to be in the year 2016. But first, 2015. Letting go ain’t easy. Further, a new baby comes with numerous challenges and most have a mortality rate of a… what doesn’t live past 1 year by the way? Yeah, you get the point though. Why would this baby matter to anyone with so many babies out there? As I weighed the pros and cons, the attractiveness of a clean slate grew beyond the shortcomings. Thus, Pulsar was born in. (FYI, more behind our name can be found in our brand identity case study)

So, why start Pulsar? We believe all businesses (organisations) have the requisite need to communicate to their audiences. We refer to these entities as brands. The process of passing a message to your audience is what we call communication. Thus, brand communication. At the very heart of what we do is work with brands to create and deliver better communication. Why we do it? I found the process broken, if there was any at all. It is painful to see big brands being duped by big agencies with shoddy comms! Worse still uninspired brand identities. For me… for us… we hope one day to influence the space. With proof, of course, from work we are doing.

Can our babies play together? Sure. We love to work with brands that are accessible, open to our creative ideas, willing to partner and build a relationship with us, able to pay within required timeframe, and most importantly a brand that realises the importance of brand communication. We work with start-ups, small and medium sized businesses as well as existing big brands. By the way you can navigate up top to see some projects we’ve done.

What can I promise you? Better brand communication. Happy babies :).