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Our Brand Identity Design Process

A Brand Identity Process that Delivers – Always

Brands today must utilise the internet as a channel of brand communication. The best utility is your website – a 24-hour online doorway to your business.

Build a Differentiated Brand

We Start by Understanding your Business

Gaining insights from internal stakeholders, including management, establishes a baseline for the entire process. This baseline forms the ground for brand research.
Research begins the creative process on a solid shared understanding of the brand. Research eliminates any gut feeling and establishes facts.
We present these facts in a document called  a brand brief which is presented with the objective of clarifying and harmonising the strategy. The brief is an easy to understand visual summary of the entire brand that seeks to clarify and harmonise the strategy.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works – Steve Jobs.

Building a Brand that Stands Out

So, we have the big idea, but how do we tie down the big idea to a visual representation of the brand? This phase of the process allows creative talent to bloom and bring meaning to the scientific process.
Various aspects are covered here including coming up with a look and feel, colour, typography and even trial applications. Concepts are tested against industry standards and on a variety of applications to ensure your brand identity stands the test of time.

Beyond the Brand Identity

The Logo Design is just the First Step

The journey to building a respectable brand starts here. Your brand identity is brought to life through brand touchpoints i.e. all points every stakeholder including employees and customers interact with your brand.
These touchpoints include your digital marketing, marketing collateral, business stationery, internal communication documents, signage, ephemera, advertising style, packaging, product design and uniforms.
It is important for your brand to communicate consistently at all times by using guidelines we call brand standards, which we also design.

Ready to Start?

At the core of every business is a brand. Pulsar is ready to work with your brand as a partner you can grow together with.