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We design creative publications that cut down on printing costs
while making your brand stand out.

Publications & Annual Report
Design for Your Brand

Publication designs such as annual reports are an opportunity for brands to connect with various stakeholders and more importantly the shareholders. It is an opportunity to reassure and communicate your brand’s purpose to them.

Creativity Unlimited

Get it Designed

Are you a public company, an NGO, a Trust Fund or an institution with large membership in need of an annual report designed? There is a lot of preparation that goes into organising information in an annual report. Utmost accuracy is required when transferring this information to the design.

At Pulsar, we understand that designing this document is a collaborative effort that will involve multiple stakeholders. Through experience, we understand design best practices that involve such publications.

Get it designed both for print and digital – meet today’s customer needs and ensure your annual report is available online.

Speed Matters

Beyond the Publication Design

From design to print. This is a critical process that most creative agencies fail to undertake in preparing their designs. This causes delays in processing the document for print.

At Pulsar, we are capable of preparing the design that is ready for commercial printing hence saving time, that could be days of rectifying the design. Further, we offer the printing services for your annual report.

Designing with both online and print in mind is an expertise that we’ve gained through experience. We are therefore able to save you printing costs that can be associated with poor designs.

Need a Report Designed?

At the core of every business is a brand. Pulsar is ready to work with your brand as a partner you can grow together with.