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A Case Study on the Design and Development of Greyhound Brand Identity

Not many entrepreneurs can venture into a brutally competitive industry, an industry that has been around for decades. The brave hearted men launched a brand striding for the better. They took a shot at the “taxi industry”, one that has been faced by turmoil in recent times thanks to technology. Taxi industry is in quotes as the directors here saw a bigger picture.

We worked with Greyhound Holdings Ltd as their branding agency to develop their brand identity, style guide, and website. This is a case study of the design and development of their logo

Client:    Greyhound Holdings Limited

Skills:  Brand Identity Design

The Brief

When entering any market, it is crucial to have a key differentiation strategy. There are many taxi companies around, but Greyhound combines convenience, affordability and technology… oh, and serious class!

The name Greyhound is derived from an intelligent racing dog striving to be ahead of the curve. The ideology of the name is to get you anywhere, fast and safely. It is service above par. The service is more than a taxi service rather a travel solutions partner. This is essentially what the brand does.

The focus is the corporate market in which they see the opportunity to provide customized travel solutions. For us at Pulsar, the objective was to articulate the brand visually.

The brand development process at Pulsar is divided into six stages. The first three steps begin by gaining insights from internal stakeholders to understand the background of the business. The second step is researching which begins the creative process on a solid shared understanding of the brand and the final step is creating a brand brief. The brief is meant for giving unity to the main idea and a positioning strategy by narrowing the brand’s focus.

Here, we showcase the creative process which is the fourth step.

The Creative Process

Inspiration Source

The greyhound dog was our primary source of inspiration. The dog has a well-streamlined shape with a long leap to enable it to get ahead of the curve.

Initial Concepts

The initial ideas were based on a combination of the dog and an extra concept. The line art for example was focused on streamlining while the other with circles on the joint tried to depict something mechanical.

Journey to Primary Concept

Sample Collateral


Working with Greyhound Limited gave us the opportunity to learn something new. We learnt how to work with a team of more than 5 people expressing their ideas differently. Harnessing their ideas into one focal point was a challenge, a challenge we took on and presented an icon in the travel industry. An icon that will take on incumbents and create a leader in the industry with cutting-edge solutions. An icon that is Greyhound!

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