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Designing a user experience journey is an intensive project that requires truly putting the customer at the centre of what you do.

When Credit Bank approached us to improve the user experience of their mobile banking experience, it was a task we were glad to undertake.


UI/UX Design


Credit Bank Limited

What We Did

UI/UX Design

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Understanding the User Journey

Our expertise and experience come in handy in this phase. It is all about understanding the bank’s objectives, i.e., enable a transaction, while understating the user’s goal which is completing the transaction in the shortest route possible. At the same time, this should also be technically achievable. The UI/UX development process is a mastery of juggling three stakeholders at the same time.

The Outcome

What we came up with was an intuitive application design that captures the heart of all stakeholders. The designs delivered a process that is easy for the customer to understand and onboard themselves using modern standards of app navigation. It is a design that also captured the brand standards of the bank ensuring customers easily associate with the brand’s products throughout the customer journey. 


Whilst understanding your client’s needs is essential, we must also strive to understand your business processes. It is not only about designing the user interface, but also the user experience. Our goal is to create a usable product that truly serves your clients’ needs while meeting your objective.  

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