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Landing Page Redesign for an Internet Banking Website

Credit Bank is committed to being the preferred financial partner of choice to all customers. The bank offers personalized solutions backed by technology such as internet and mobile banking. With a vision of being the most respected financial institution in their target market, the mission is to transform the financial industry landscape through innovative and relevant financial solutions.

The Bank’s new innovative and advanced internet banking portal needed a landing page that matched up to the new standards. The old landing page as can be seen below lacked responsiveness and the colours used were not in their style guides.

Another problem we noted; the information included on the page was either not enough or the links to get more information were dysfunctional

Client:    Credit Bank Limited.

Skills:  Website Landing Page Design and Development

Before the Redesign

Please install and activate the “Revolution Slider” plugin to show the slides.

The Creative Process

What we needed to create this page required skill sets related to working in a secure portal. This involved ensuring the landing page did not reference external content as the secure environment would not allow for deployment.

The landing page also needed to overcome the previous challenges. What we came up with was a responsive HTML template able to work across multiple devices with different screen sizes as is their internet banking portal.

The landing page also included information relevant to people visiting the page and better yet, all the information was on one page. This includes security tips for online bankers.

After the Redesign

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