The company profile is a brief document that gives your client’s first impressions of your brand. In many ways, it is a make-or-break document. Yes, this is one of those instances a book is judged by its cover.

Credit Bank is a privately owned financial institution incorporated in Kenya with a growing branch network currently at 17 branches.

The Bank is focused on the SME sector and primarily delivers its services on digital platforms complemented by its branch locations. The bank’s vision is to be the most respected financial institution in our target market.

This is achieved by transforming the financial industry landscape through innovative and relevant financial solutions.


Credit Bank Limited

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Company Profile Design

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Businesses need to understand in a nutshell what the brand can offer. This is referred to as the value proposition. The task at hand was to develop Credit Bank's Company Profile that captures the brand’s unique selling point.


The challenge for us was to simplify and condense the information presented to us into a well-executed design.

The challenge for us was to simplify and condense the information presented to us into a well-executed design. From this we were able to come up with a format that is easily digestible for their customers without the need for overwhelming information.

The profile was therefore divided into the following sections:

  • A brief journey of the brand from its establishment date.
  • An overview of where the Credit Bank is today.
  • A summary of the people who drive the brand.
  • Financial performance of the Bank as it is important for a financial institution.
  • The brand’s offer for both individuals and businesses.
  • Where you can access these offers.

The Outcome

Thus, from the above, the final design we delivered was able to capture all the information in a creatively designed document that can easily be distributed on digital platforms. Customers can be able to get Credit bank’s value proposition in 5 minutes or less.

First Impressions Matter

Company profiles are often riddled with too much information that often works against the brand. At Pulsar, we as a creative agency know how to craft your content into manageable pieces for your client.  A profile should be used as an introductory document. Your customer should be able to skim through and capture your value proposition. Engage us today and impress your clients at first glance.