Orchestrating a design for a designer is not easy. This is a brand that has been around for decades establishing designs and projects that shape the landscape. A referral from a good old acquaintance got the ball rolling for us. In itself, a referral is a challenge as you have to meet and exceed the expectation bestowed on the potential client by the referrer.

The Designspec team are endowed with skillsets covering the architectural field, urban design and interior design. The company has years of experience and a serious portfolio of clients. Our task at Pulsar Limited had to exceed even the directors’ expectations. We embarked on this rebranding challenge following a well-articulated process that always delivers results. We had to overcome weaknesses presented by the existing brand while maintaining a sense of heritage from them. We hereby go straight to step 4 of the process which is creative.


Designspec Limited


Brand Identity Design

The Creative Process


We mostly aim at creating simple solutions that are able to bypass constraints of time and remain relevant for a long period of time. The brand identity developed is simple yet endearing and ready to cut through the existing competition and dominate the space. We designed for designers, and we are honoured to have delivered.

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