Designing cardboard boxes can be quite a challenge. 

It is one we enjoyed undertaking as it provided us with experience and moreover, we delivered for the client.  


Package Design


Schneider Electric

What We Did

Package Design

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The Brief

Schneider Electric approached us a pressing design task. This was to meticulously adopt their brand guidelines on cardboard packaging within the shortest time possible. The challenge was ensuring the packaging design works with the product labelling requirements while meeting international standards for green packaging. This required us to work with the cardboard manufacturer to ensure our designs would match their production requirements.

The Design

We designed ensuring all requirements were checked including signs, orientation, amongst others. The client was happy with the results delivered in such a short timeframe. The boxes of all shapes and sizes were designed ensuring every t crossed and every I dotted.


Product design requires expertise and experience. With a lot of checks, we partner with you to ensure your product meets requirements for the market and for placement on shelves. Talk to us to get started on your product design.