Our brand identity design expertise cuts across industries. Developing a brand identity for a telecommunication company is a challenge we enjoyed undertaking.


Yash Communications Limited approached Pulsar Limited with the need to start off the business on the right foot. We crafted a brand identity package that featured a professional email, business cards, a cardholder, and their logo.

The process begins by understanding the brand’s background. Interacting with the business owner gave us a deeper understanding of the brand. Our discussions revolve around certain topics to ensure we capture key points from the brand owner on their objectives.


Yash Communications Limited

What We Did

Logo Design, Stationery, Marketing Collateral

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The Outcome

What we eventually presented was a striking design able to capture the brand’s objectives as well as its value proposition in one logo. A combination of the letter Y and C crafted carefully into a satellite dish symbol as well as speech marks. This memorable logo impresses on its first look.


Our objective when creating brand identities is a timeless design. A design in which brand owners can base their growth on for years to come. The outcome of this project pleased the client and moreover, it will help in building their brand.