A Brand Identity Case Study On My Safari Notebook

A Brand Identity Case Study for My Safari Notebook

Brand Background

My Safari Notebook is a tours and travel agency operating in Kenya providing various services for groups and individuals from and to the country. With friendly, professional and experienced agents, the agency is well equipped to cater for the seasoned traveler and those new to the world of travel.

Customer satisfaction is key for My Safari Notebook evidenced by repeat business from existing clients and referrals from the same. The business organizes personalized experiences for clients and through the blog, they can know what to expect during their trips. To do this, the agents of the business visit numerous destinations on a regular basis inspecting the most recent properties along with those that have undergone renovation. This enables My Safari Notebook create a sustainable competitive advantage.

ClientMy Safari Notebook
SkillsBrand Identity Design and Development
My Safari Notebook Brand Identity Before and After Identity | Pulsar Limited

The Brand Brief

The objective for the client was to have a brand identity that would speak for itself. Our initial discussion led us to believe that the current logo did not meet the client’s needs.

It was clear the initial visual identity was not enough to capture more about the business. This called for a redesign. The previous logo for the brand focused had many elements put together as a silhouette. The founder needed something neater and worthy of a great first impression. The brand identity had to reflect in one key message what they stand for. The logo had to create a sense of a travelling culture. We saw this as an opportunity for Pulsar Limited to apply our branding skills to the travel and tours industry.

The task for us was to create a brand identity, branded PowerPoint presentation and develop a business card design in readiness for the presentation in the coming weeks.

Success for this project simply was to develop a brand identity that customers could easily connect with.

The Creative Process

Inspiration Sources for My Safari Notebook | Pulsar Limited

Inspiration Source

1. Elephants. A strong and iconic animal when it comes to wildlife.
2. Notebook. Derived from the name and a place to write memories.
3. Maasai. A legend when it comes to tourism across the country.

It Starts with a Sketch

My Safari Notebook Brand Identity Case Study concept to final identity | Pulsar Limited


Every project is a learning opportunity for us as a branding agency. Agility is one of our core values as an agency demanding that we be flexible enough to meet client’s needs on time. Working directly with the founder allowed us to capture her business ideals directly and implement them to her brand identity. This is usually a bigger challenge when working with several decision makers in businesses.

We always look beyond the one off project and look forward to developing relationships that are of value to the brand. Our relationship has continued to date working on further projects for the client. We believe the brand is growing to become a major player in the tours and travel industry and Pulsar Limited is proud to be associated with My Safari Notebook


I met Pulsar Limited at an expose forum and the main problem I struggled with was lack of a proper brand identity/logo. I chose to work with Pulsar because they understood the presentation I needed to have, were patient and delivered accordingly. They were able to advise me accordingly and completed the project within the required time frame.

Isabel Maingi, Director and Founder

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