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Our Logo Collection

We have worked on several brand identity design and development projects. This is a collection of some of the logos we have designed for companies.

Logo Designer Nairobi
Ajua Logo by Pulsar Limited by Branding


Logo Design | Visual Identity

Pulsar did the logo and visual identity style for Ajua, a business finance systems provider.

Launched: March 2017

Assante Global Associates

Logo Design

Assante Global Associates’ core business is strategy. The brand works with companies in every industry to develop strategies that deliver results.

Launched: August 2015

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Assante Global Associates Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency
Designspec Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency

Designspec Limited


Orchestrating a design for a designer is not easy. We embarked on this challenge following a well-articulated process that always delivers results.

Launched: June 2016

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GreenBell Communications Limited


GreenBell Communications Ltd (GBC) was established in 2006. They presented us with a rebranding challenge that resulted in outstanding results.

Launched: June 2015

GreenBell Communications Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency
Greyhound Kenya Logo by Pulsar Limited Branding Agency

Greyhound Holdings Limited

Logo Design

Not many entrepreneurs can venture into a brutally competitive industry, an industry that has been around for decades. Greyhound needed an outstanding identity to compete.

Launched: August 2016

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House of Lasagne

Logo Design

An entrepreneur with passion for food and cooking only the best. An entrepreneur that needed a brand identity no less than his passion.

Launched: November 2015

House of Lasagne Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency
Kenian Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency


Packaging Design | Identity Design

A modern packaging and identity that needed to standout on the very competitive shelves of the beverage industry.

Launched: October 2016

My Safari Notebook


The objective for the client was to have a brand identity that would speak for itself. The logo had to create a sense of a travelling culture.

Launched: March 2015

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My Safari Notebook Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency
Nayaah Africa Logo by Pulsar Limited

Nayaah Africa

Logo Design

Designed for a marketing agency, this typographic logo represents the agency’s need to stand out in a competitive field. The idea was also to avoid the cliché map of Africa as well. This was well achieved with the typographic logo.

Launched: August 2015

Perfect Moment Events

Logo Design

Perfection is hard to achieve, but it is not a challenge for us to back down from. We perfected her logo to match the high standard of service she provides.

Launched: April 2015

Perfect Moments Events Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency
Primeland Valuers Logo by Pulsar Limited | Branding Agency

Primeland (M) Valuers

Logo Design

We had to start by convincing the owner of the need of an identity. The result was something she can use to stand out in her industry.

Launched: October 2016

Logo Design

Ramis Suites

An executive serviced apartment needed an identifier that associated with the class of service provided. The simplicity of the identity met this need.

Launched: August 2015

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Ramis Suites Company Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency
Rimpi Logo by Pulsar Limited

Rewarding you. Anytime. Anywhere. The client here needed something unique for a novel product. The logo designed had to be fit for use in a mobile application as well as normal marketing collateral.


Product Identity Design

A modern enterprise management solution dedicated for educational institutions. The brand identity for the software speaks for itself.

Launched: October 2016

Skoolnet Brand Identity by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency
Sybyl Logo by Pulsar Limited - Branding Agency

Crafted enterprise solutions by Africa for Africa. The typographic identity lends itself to trust and ability to provide appropriate solutions.

Launched: December 2016

Yash Communications

Logo Design

Mobile money and communication solutions. An identity crafted to suit the entrepreneur’s industry.

Launched: April 2017

Yash Communication Logo by Pulsar Limited

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