A Case Study on an Anniversary Digital Campaign Designs

Anniversaries are normally a point of reflection, a pitstop to take stock of things. Whether a wedding, work, country or in this case a company, we all celebrate them in one way or another. It is an event to be marked with pomp and colour!

Credit Bank Limited approached our Branding Agency, Pulsar Limited, to work out a campaign to celebrate their 30th anniversary. This was a challenge we were more than willing to put our design skills to.

Below is a presentation of some of the works used in the campaign to celebrate their 30 years! Life is just beginning 🙂

ClientCredit Bank Limited
SkillsMarketing Collateral Design

The main objective for this campaign was to be executed through digital platforms as well as their physical brand locations. For this we came up with an identity to commemorate the 30 years in existence. This we did and made the identity feel more of celebratory… we do know many banks have fallen by the wayside, but for Credit Bank, trust is the foundation of their success.

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