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Brands have often used advertising to accelerate awareness, growth and value. Pulsar focuses on building brand awareness while maintaining consistency through the use of brand standards. Therefore, the concept of integrated marketing communication plays a critical role in advertising. Simply, your brand must communicate in one voice in the multiple channels of communication in use. Channels of communication may include print, radio, TV, and the internet.

Maintaining a singular objective throughout your campaign gives your target market a clearer picture of what your brand stands for. Some of the objectives for advertising can be as follows:

  • Build a favourable brand image.
  • Educate and inform the public about your brand’s product and services.
  • Create offers on specific products or services to stimulate sales.
  • Create an interest in your target market to find out more about your product or service.

Pulsar has developed a speciality in print and digital campaigns. Our print advertising covers outdoor channels such as billboards, posters (e.g. in cinema halls and malls), banners, floor graphics, window graphics, newspapers ads, magazine adverts and more. Our commercial photography service complements our advertising services especially through product photography as well as real estate photography.

Our digital marketing is focused activities such as content marketing (e.g. publishing blogs), social media marketing, and search engine marketing (e.g. advertising on Google). This includes videography services with the intent to use on social media platforms such as YouTube.

When developing a campaign for your brand, we incorporate your strategically focused message, compelling headlines, engaging photography and/or art, sales-oriented copy and a defined Call to Action.

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