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Annual reports are common with publicly listed companies, NGOs and institutions with large membership where accountability of resources used over the past year is compulsory. A lot of preparation and information goes into these reports as utmost accuracy is required.

Our creative team at Pulsar will work together with stakeholders involved in preparation of the report. This ensures that the final annual report presented is not only a proper representation of facts but designed to meet the institution’s brand standards. It is a publication with the opportunity to strongly communicate the brand’s core values through design and print of quality annual reports. Our solutions are presented whilst understanding your needs especially your corporate image.

The annual report is usually presented to shareholders. In most cases, the shareholders are also the customers of the business. The annual report can be an opportunity to communicate on new products and services offered by the brand.

A huge shareholder base can prove costly in terms of a printed annual report. At Pulsar, we offer digital publication solutions. This ensures minimal distribution costs of information that can be accessed on a PC, tablet and/or even a smartphone.

Pulsar understands the need to have ease of readability, attractiveness and durability of the document. Our designs are delivered in the shortest time possible, thus, you don’t have to worry about the publication getting late.

Looking to Design an Annual Report for Your Institution?

Talk to us and find out more on how we can work with your business to design your annual report that meets your brand standards.

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