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More often than not, while brands grow, they find their strongest asset scattered all over. It is not uncommon to find brands sourcing for marketing services from different agencies. Without a guideline for these agencies to use, your brand will not communicate in one voice across various platforms.

One of our key services at Pulsar Limited is coming up with brand standards for organisations. Your brand identity needs to communicate in unison from your business card to your billboard. This in turn has a long-term effect in contributing to brand equity. Your target market can easily associate with your brand through consistent positioning in their mind.

A brand standard (also referred to as a brand guideline) is a strategic document that guides how your brand communicates. It should be enforced by the internal marketing team and associated agencies such as designers, marketers, distributors and other various stakeholders of the brand. For this to be effectively carried out, you’ll need a brand portal i.e. a cloud-based resource centre where every stakeholder of the brand can easily access branding resources e.g. PowerPoint Templates, Logos, Marketing Templates etc.

The brand standard should be differentiated from a logo guide which is a subset of the brand standard. You can find more information on the contents of a brand guide and what a good brand standard should contain in our blog. You can also explore this case study for a brand guideline we developed for a financial institution in Kenya.

Looking to Have a Consistent Voice for Your Business?

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