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Relationships are important in every business. Just as you would build relationships in your physical place of business, you should do the same when online. Customer relationship management increases the lifetime value of a customer. In business-to-business, these relationships can help both businesses grow and developing each other i.e. supplier and customer. In business-to-consumer, there is an opportunity to gain valuable feedback from the customer.

As a digital marketing agency, Pulsar goes beyond design and development of websites to factor in the marketing aspect of it. Part of marketing involves building relationships with your customers to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. After all, it is easier and cheaper to keep a customer than to look for a new one. To develop these relationships, we use a variety of tools:

  • Email Marketing: this is a professional way of keeping in touch with your clients through the use of email. This channel can further be used for various marketing activities like keeping our customer up to date with the latest through newsletters. Find out more on email marketing here.
  • Social Media Marketing: this involves the use of relevant social platforms to engage with your (potential) customers. Meaningful engagement means letting your brand have a human side and interact with your audience. You can hardly do this if you use it to sell, sell and sell. You can find out more on social media marketing here.

Looking to Build Business Relationships Online?

At Pulsar, our marketing team is well equipped to build relationships online. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can work with you as your digital marketing agency in developing your next campaign.

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