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The nature of the internet is that marketing is more of inbound than outbound. Not so long ago, marketing was more of outbound with channels of mass communication such as newspapers and TV. Today, it is more of inbound where users search for information as and when they need it. This information is searched for over the web through search engines such as Google™ and Bing™. Brands must therefore have the relevant information to ensure they are found by users searching for information relevant to them and the brand.

This information comes in the form of content hence the term content marketing. You are indirectly marketing to users by providing them with information they need. This content must be useful and engaging to the consumers by addressing their key issues. The brand then develops trust to the consumer by solving their problems. This content comes in the form of blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, webinars and video demos.

At Pulsar, we work with brands to develop content whether it’s curating it or simply designing it. Content must also be promoted just as you would a normal campaign. Part of our work involves digital marketing campaigns to improve on brand visibility as well as your content being found.

Content marketing has been one of the useful ways to rank well on search engines. Brands must keep their brands engaging by providing fresh content that address (potential) customer problems.

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