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Designing a logo involves a multifaceted approach and more often than not designers can easily overlook certain critical elements. Here we discuss some of the critical logo design elements that are easy to overlook and what you can do about it.

1. Poor Font Choice

Typography in logo design can make or break a design, so it’s vital you know what type to use. A logo should be kept as simple as possible while still portraying the intended message, and for this to happen, one must consider all typographic aspects of the design. Paying close attention to kerning, spacing, and sizing and most importantly, ensuring you’ve chosen the right font.

2. Wrong Choice of Colour

Sometimes a logo requires colour to make it a strong logo. To get around this, work in black and white first and then add the special effects or colour later. This allows you to focus on the shape and concept rather than the special effects. Don’t use drop shadows, 3D effect colour blend or other layer styles to perfect your logo — a good logo will stand on its own. You can also make different variations of a logo to ensure it works in colour or greyscale.

The poor choice of colours does not convey any proper message for your brand. The choosing of colours affects your logo by sending certain/different messages to the audience. A professional graphic designer knows the value of using colour which will be good or bad for your logo, either for a start-up, or for an existing brand. Your brand must also use at the very minimum a logo guide but we recommend having brand standards that also ensure you use your colour consistently.


Simplicity is one of the qualities of a good logo. The logo of a brand should be simple enough to make a quick statement even having some elaborate features. As a professional logo designer, you should design a memorable logo so that it conveys a statement. It must reflect the brand’s image and positioning while communicating with the customer.


Overall, your logo sets the foundation for building your brand identity and thus your brand. It plays a critical role in establishing your brand. On its own however, it  doesn’t benefit your brand. It needs tools such as brand guidelines, a solid marketing plan and a good product/service. With the right resources, you can ignite your brand to life by pushing it out there with advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

We hope your brand identity has met these few critical areas we have discussed here today.

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