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Core to any company is developing a viable brand strategy. It is currently noted that companies that take into account the vitality of this element tend to perform better and last longer with an analysis putting Apple and Coca-Cola at the top in the world. Narrowing to Kenya, Safaricom and M-Pesa have been listed to be amongst the top.

A brand strategy is a game plan, both with short and long term goals, to maintain the brand by readily meeting the needs of their clients. This is so called game plan is a very formal part of brand building as it contains key elements to the brands such as: competition and market analysis, character and personality of the brand as well as brand positioning in the market of similar commodities.

With the youth in Kenya being encouraged to seek out self employment and a rising need of income generation, most people are in business whether sole-proprietorship or partnership. This is one of the prime reasons why considering a credible whilst feasible brand strategy is necessary.

With everything going the technological way in Kenya and around the world, Kenya is proving to be a good breeding ground for all sorts of businesses; only that it means that you end up with many businesses selling the same good or service. Having a marketing strategy works to help your brand stand out. To the tech savvy this area is ripe for them in the development of logos which is part of every brand identity.

The support given to SMEs (Small and Medium sized companies) by the Kenyan government has made it easier and more compelling for businesses to have a brand strategy to set themselves apart from rivals and to continually meet their targets.

Lastly, while considering the high and rising middle class and their spending tendencies is quite a unique feature in Kenya. Learning how to price and how much they are willing to part with will justify your strategy and your commodity. Commodities are only bought with such willingness to pay; and thereby marketing company logos and what they sell thereof to those who can afford them is very important.