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Any Brand in the 21st must embrace online marketing also referred to as internet or digital marketing. It has emerged as the cost-effective alternative that has given every brand the opportunity to reach customers on an almost level playing field.

It is important for your brand to seize the opportunity provided by the internet to develop and sustain your brand identity and equity respectively. At Pulsar we therefore view digital marketing as part of the larger promotional mix which includes advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling.

Building a brand presence on the internet requires extensive planning and this should be in line with your overall corporate strategy. We have expertise in the following fields:

  • Web Design (Redesign) and Development – Having a website gives you 24-hour communication tool that markets your brand on your behalf. Studies have shown that B2B buyers complete 80% of the sales cycle online. Are you meeting these information needs? Find out more on our web development process here.
  • Getting found online through SEO/SEM – Have relevant information for your potential customers. This in turn makes them a sales lead whom you want to nurture and eventually convert them to a customer. Small and medium sized businesses must avoid making their website a one-time development. Understanding a website is an asset that must be continually invested in would in fact boost business immensely.
  • Digital Marketing Strategic Planning – Integrating your communication is vital for your brands success. Your aim is to create a consistent tone and voice across all channels.
  • Ecommerce Integration – providing your consumers with the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their mobile phone or computer securely and safely.
  • Content Marketing – this has been one of the more useful ways to give brands ranking on search engines. Brands must keep their brands engaging by providing fresh content that address (potential) customer problems. This content comes in the form of blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, webinars and video demos
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns – this is similar to your normal marketing campaign only that it is carried out on digital platforms including social platforms, search engines as well as other websites. You want your brand presence felt where people spend most of their time online. You can monitor your campaign accurately and return on marketing investment. This will let you know which tools are working best for you online and then focus more on those.
  • Social Media Marketing – relationships are important in every business. Part of marketing involves building relationships with your customers to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Social media has given brands a human side and the ability to build on these relationships. Brands should use social media to connect with relevant conversations and connect with their audience.
  • Email Marketing – this is a professional way of keeping in touch with your clients through the use of email. Email Marketing can be used for various marketing activities like keeping your customer up to date with the latest through newsletters.
  • Support Services – your online assets need maintenance every so often to ensure core functionality and aesthetics remain in good condition. Such services include debugging of errors that may arise in normal operation of website, security updates to the website, changes and updates to segments of the website within existing structure including minor updates and enhancements to the design/content based on user feedback and testing.

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