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The internet has brought about vast possibilities to various business processes. Just like your brick-and-mortar store, your website can act like your virtual store and perform similar tasks to your physical store. This includes the ability to complete a transaction online without the customer even interacting with any of your sales representatives online.

It is not enough to have online strategies that generate leads or create brand awareness; you must have systems in place to capitalise on the opportunity of a ready customer. With ecommerce you are providing your consumers with the convenience that they can shop from the comfort of their mobile phone or computer. And this must also be done securely to ensure buyer safety.

At Pulsar, web designers work together with the marketing team to develop ecommerce platforms that meet client’s needs. Our solutions are localised for Kenya’s market. For example, to maximise on ecommerce opportunities, we implement the use of mobile money over and above traditional payment platforms. This is due to the wide reach and popularity of mobile money with Kenyans transacting figures close to the country’s GDP in a year. You must deploy mobile money over and above debit and credit cards such as Americam Express, MasterCard and Visa.

Further, our approach to designing and building websites is relationship based. We endeavour to provide maintenance and support services ensuring your website is up and running always. This eliminates downtime and breakage of services. It is important for your business to establish trust online by being available throughout. Maintenance includes updating and doing security checks often to protect buyers on your website.

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