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Communication plays a great role in understanding your target market needs and delivering value to your customers. One of the communication tools you can use is the internet which is an affordable popular means of communication that has enabled quick and easy feedback, and precise and targeted marketing available globally at any time. It has various platforms including websites, social media or email which is fast rising in popularity.

Email has given rise to the unprecedented opportunity of creating, targeting, managing, and enhancing customer relationships through Email Marketing. Email marketing is an excellent way of professionally communicating with your customers as a business. It enhances Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by interacting with clients at a personal level.

With email marketing, you can advertise, sell directly, carry out a sales promotion, personal selling and/or public relations. Relationship Management has never been easier with all your clients being just a click away. You can send regular e-newsletters, conduct a survey, advertise, and obtain valuable feedback using this tool and give your business the competitive edge.

At Pulsar, our interactive email designs integrate social media and graphics that will be of interest to your prospect. Our designs are tailor-made to suit various industries including Hospitality, Banking, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Fashion, and Event Management.

Our service does not entail buying of lists or cold marketing, rather we work with your existing customer base and develop these relationships with them.

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