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Events are major marketing events for organisations. They play a major role in generating leads for brands. You’ll get all types of leads whether hot or cold but you must ensure you attract them and retain them in the first place. Getting prepared for an event is with no doubt a challenging task. No matter how well you plan, something always seems to pop up out of the blue and indeed at the last minute.

As a creative agency, we consult with brands, working with them in preparation for their event from a marketing perspective. Whether it is a business to business (B2B) or a business to consumer (B2C) event, preparation is paramount. Some of the solutions we offer include the below:

  • Design and development of event websites to help you cut down on registration costs as soon as the event launches. This includes capturing data in preparation for printing badges to be used during the event. You could leverage your event website with payment solutions to enable e-ticketing for the event cutting on printing and logistics of handling physical ticketing.
  • We advise on promotional giveaways and how you can cut costs on them while still impressing your target market. This includes design and production of promotional giveaways relevant to your event. Some of the promotional items include media banners/press banner, gift bags, rollup banners, conference folders, branded merchandise like t-shirts, pens, branded lanyards, badges keyholder and more.
  • We offer design services to your event for critical collateral such as personalised invitation cards sent out physically (printed and personalised) or digitally (through email marketing). This includes other collateral such as brochures and company profiles and how you can cut costs on them with print on demand services we offer.
  • If it is a training event we offer services such as printing personalised certificates for your trainees.
  • Our digital marketing team also advises on how you can make technology work in your favour. How does your website come into play? How do you get social media to work for you during the day?
  • Looking for coverage services? Then we’ve got you covered with our commercial photography services.

Looking for Event Marketing Solutions?

Get it all at one place. Work with Pulsar to and get access to expertise cutting across multiple fields. Get in touch with Pulsar and find out how we can help you prepare for your event.

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