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Without a plan, your brand will not have a clear path to success. Plans are at the core of monumental brands that have survived generations. Your marketing plan is a short-term strategic document that contains communication plans for your brand. It should showcase how the various marketing channels available to brands today can work together to achieving a common goal. It is not uncommon to see brands with a broken communication plan whereby what is said on print for example is not available on the web.

Pulsar works with brands to develop an integrated marketing communication plan that will ensure your success. This is how we approach it:

  • We do a situational analysis to understand your current marketing operations vis-à-vis that of your competitors.
  • From the analysis we can be able to develop objectives indicating what we need to achieve and how to achieve them.
  • The objectives then inform the marketing strategy and communication programme.
  • We then develop an action plan to outlining key resources personnel responsible for key parts of the plan.
  • Once the plan is in action, the marketing department is then responsible. in monitoring and evaluating performance to ensure the plan is on track.

With a marketing plan it is easier for you to align your communication from top to bottom and across various consumer touchpoints. It also allows you to develop a quick response to competitive changes in the market.

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