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Not so long ago, the mobile phone probably had less than ten functionalities. Maybe call, text messaging, a calendar, an alarm clock and a game (probably snake). Today the mobile phone has almost limitless functionalities. It is sort of a minicomputer with a plethora of tools available for free at the disposal of the user.

With increase in computing power, the functionalities of the smartphone also grew. This gave rise to the development of millions of applications, now available to users of mobile phones. It is important for brands to know whether development of a mobile application fits within their marketing strategy. There are millions of applications out there, what will your brand want to achieve that hasn’t been achieved with another mobile app? Could a website a better proposition?

Engagement and interactivity is also an important aspect over and above functionality of the mobile application.

With Android™, iOS™ and Windows™ leading the way, our digital marketing team at Pulsar develops applications that can be used on these platforms. Whether it is a mobile banking app that requires heavy security features or a simple app to enable users to access information, our team is ready to provide your users with a seamless online experience.

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Looking to engage your customers through a mobile app? Get in touch with us to find out how we can work with you as your digital marketing agency in developing your next mobile application.

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