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From time-to-time brands require publications such as annual reports and periodicals such as newsletters. Individuals or small firms also require publications such as novels, books, coffee table books, photobooks and more. At Pulsar we offer design and printing services to companies thereby providing a one stop solution for your brand’s needs.

Our services cover various needs including design and development of infographics in the report giving your brand an opportunity to present data in a more interesting and understandable way. An infographic is a pictorial representation of data for easier understanding.

Pulsar designs annual reports commonly associated with public companies, NGOs and other institutions with large membership. A lot of preparation and information goes into these reports as utmost accuracy is required. Pulsar in turn takes this information and creatively puts it together in a publication that will communicate well with the intended stakeholders.

Design of periodicals is also within Pulsar’s scope of services. This includes design of publications such as newsletters and magazines. Our capability extends to production such as photography and printing of the publication. What you get in turn is a one stop solution for your design and printing needs for publications. With print on demand, you can cut costs by printing exactly what you need whenever you need it.

Pulsar provides your brand with digital publication solutions that widen your distribution reach. Your print publication can be viewed as an e-publication or application on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even your normal PC. This can be distributed electronically via email (e-Newsletters) using our email marketing solution.

Need Publication Design Services?

Whether it is an annual report, a coffee table book, a novel or a newsletter. At Pulsar, we design and print all types of publications. Get in touch with Pulsar today for your publication solutions.

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