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A brand goes beyond its visual identity (what you may simply refer to as the logo) and further represents consumers’ perceptions and feelings about products and its performance. It is how you position your business in the mind of the consumer. A brand must endeavour to understand consumer preferences in order to deliver beyond their expectations. This way, the brand becomes stronger by building on loyalty.

The Brand Standard (also referred to as the Brand Guideline) is a useful tool for ensuring consistency in brand communication. It should be more of a guide and less of rules. It is a tool to guide how to deliver your brand’s promise to the consumer ensuring exceptional experience when they interact with your brand.

Below is a sample guideline for our Pulsar (when we set out at first at least). You can further explore the differences between a logo guide, a style guide and brand guideline. Pulsar Limited is able to work with your business to develop either of these that fits your purpose. Get in touch with us today to design one.

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