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Long ago, in decades that have passed, we used to search for information in voluminous printed business directories. Once you established your business, you ensured you got listed there. This way, your customers can look your business up and then contact you. In came the internet and brands began building websites. Yes, there were online directories and still they are there today. But search engines provided a more efficient way for looking up information. Just enter your keywords and off you go hunting for businesses and solutions online.

Then, a problem emerged. There are millions of results depending on what you’re searching you could even get to billions. Research has shown that 66% of users never go past the first page of the search engine’s results. Search engines like Google™ are constantly improving user experience so that they’re returning relevant results to the user. In a world in which information is growing at an exponential rate, you must return relevant results to the user who is searching for information.

Then, search engine optimisation emerged. Businesses now wanted to rank number one in the results page. It is rather obvious there are immense benefits of being number one e.g., you’re clicked on the most, which probably means you have a high number of visitors to your site. These are visitors who become sales leads and eventually your customers.

It is not just enough to rank high in search engine results then, you must have in place relevant information for the user.

At Pulsar, we help brands develop search engine optimisation strategies that give a definite return on your marketing investment. At the end of the day, you want your website to generate leads. You then would want to nurture these leads and eventually convert them to customers. Pulsar Limited is a perfect case study in which we’ve implemented strategies that at the end of it all is generating leads.

Many websites in Kenya and the East Africa region rank dismally in search engines. This is because many small and medium sized businesses believe that making a website is a one-time development. Understanding the opposite would in fact boost business immensely; that a website is an asset that must be continually invested in.

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