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It is with no doubt that social networks have revolutionised communication. Its pace of change is giving brands challenges in keeping up with the revolution. Just when you thought you had mastered one, another platform props up and it would appear it is just as popular.

The ultimate secret to mastering social media is to use it just as you would personally. This is what most brands fail to understand. They use the social media platform to sell, sell and sell. The problem with this continuous selling is that it creates a one-way communication. In a way you are telling your audience, “sit down and listen”. This creates an environment where your brand is perceived to be the one talking, never listening or even interacting.

We all use social media to connect with relevant conversations. Brands must therefore create such relevance and connect with their audience. The keyword here is relevance, which means you don’t have to be on every platform. Every social network has its purpose.

Social media presents an opportune moment for you to give your brand a personal and human side. Through objectives you’ve established, you can use the platform to interact and engage the audience. Some brands have even used this as an opportunity for customer service and consequently achieved greater loyalty from their customers.

At Pulsar, we use our digital marketing experience and skills to help your brand develop meaningful social media marketing strategies.

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