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We took a deep dive to bring you the types of marketing and advertising agencies for businesses. Understanding these types of media agencies can help you as a business choose the right agency for you at the stage of growth you are in. sometimes it can be the right agency for a specific challenge your business is facing at a particular point in time.

Below is a summary of all types of marketing and advertising agencies. You can explore them in detail here, understand what each does, their areas of specialisation as well as a myriad of examples (both in Kenya and around the globe).

A summarised version of types of marketing & advertising agencies

A Little About Pulsar Limited

Pulsar is a creative agency with a multifaceted approach including our very own Studio Division and Print Division.

Our Studio Division specialises in commercial photography with solutions such as product photography for advertising, real estate photography, hospitality photography and much more. You can explore these solutions and projects we’ve undertaken in detail on our commercial photography website.

The Print Division at Pulsar Limited focuses on commercial printing solutions. With a modern digital printing press with print-on-demand & variable data printing solutions, we’ve got your business’ needs covered with. We offer high and consistent quality with a short turnaround. Our printing solutions are also suitable for small businesses looking for short runs (or low printing volumes). You can explore what we print on our commercial printing website.

Understanding how agencies operate can help you as a client settle on the right partner for your business.

Looking for a Creative Agency to Help You Build Your Business?

At Pulsar, we provide our expertise to your startup and/or existing business. Our creative agency is flexible as we look to building and maintaining relationships with businesses we partner with. Get in touch with us, let us be the agency you work with to grow your business.

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