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Some milestones are easy to overlook, but I’ll get into that in a moment. For now, if you have a child then you’d probably relate to this. The first birthday for your child is everything. I’m usually amused by how much goes into the birthday of someone who’d probably… who will not remember a thing. But your baby turning one is a colossal milestone that needs to be celebrated. Thus far, the baby has overcome numerous challenges facing humans today. It is not a moment to take for granted considering child mortality rates.

In the business world, it is more of the same thing, only that it is easy to forget and overlook your first birthday. You get caught up in running things and forget all about the important milestone. Why is it an important milestone? The mortality rate of businesses, on the other hand, is stunning! Statistics are thrown around all the time that vary from country to country. We are glad to have braved those intimidating stats.

We were actually caught up while relocating. Our new offices are at Highwayy Mall (I don’t know why they chose a double yy at the end… hehe) at Mezzanine floor (see our current office location here). The timing remarkable as we were looking to do this over the election period when business is usually low to keep disruption at a minimum. So, at the turn of one, we are lucky to get a new home for Pulsar.

For us, however, it is not celebration time rather a time to shift gears and accelerate growth. Growth time is also a dangerous time. It is easy to lose control at high speed and quality will go down. Being firmly rooted and backed by a business experience of more than 7 years, strategies are in place to avoid such quality issues. This is where the hardest part comes into play; building a reliable system and process that ensure stability in times of growth.

To all brands and people alike that have been part of our first year, thank you for your support! We hope you will still be part of us on our 5th, 10th and 25th anniversary… and many more to come! We hope not to forget our other birthdays… and if you are thinking about celebrating your anniversary, get in touch with us for your branding or photography needs.

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