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Many businesses underestimate the power of owning a website. Having a website allows you to have a 24-hour presence channel that constantly markets and sells on your behalf. Potential customers are constantly searching for information online before they even contact your sales department. Studies have shown that B2B buyers complete 80% of the sales cycle online. Are you meeting these information needs?

What is a website though? Consider the website a virtual storefront or a virtual replica of your brick-and-mortar business. It has a complete “organisational structure” from marketing, sales, customer support and even admin. It has all the questions a brick-and-mortar store has. Where do I locate my business? This is the domain name you choose and is similar to owning a piece of land that you can build your brick-and-mortar store. How do I sell in my virtual store? To whom will I sell to? Where will I sell it?

You can already see the roots of extensive planning beginning to take shape here. Your plan is like a foundation and a strong solid foundation allows you to build several floors up without fear of the website collapsing.

More often than not, the brand is in jeopardy of poor website designs that frustrate the communication process between it and the client. It’s like being in a vast complex with no directional signage. Far too many tools have been developed that brands aren’t taking advantage of to increase efficiency in service delivery.

At Pulsar, we design and develop websites that can be used as a communication tool for your brand and further as your virtual storefront. Achieve brand consistency across devices with our responsive web design including smartphones and tablets. Our process is quite simple and we ensure we understand you and your target market needs in our design.

Websites must also be updated regularly to ensure information is up to date. We’ll provide you with a Content Management System which enables you to update information by yourself thereby reducing monthly development costs.

As a brand, you must also be able to find out the effectiveness of your website. As your digital marketing agency, we also guide you in monitoring and evaluating your website to see whether it is achieving its objectives.

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Get in touch with us to find out how we can work with you as your digital marketing agency in developing your virtual brick and mortar storefront.

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