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Having a defined process is critical in delivering consistent results. At Pulsar, we have defined processes for what we do including what to expect in a logo design. For digital products such as websites, the process defined below helps the client know what to expect throughout the design and development process of your company website. We engage in a collaborative effort that yields success in every project we engage in.

Relief. When pain is alleviated by a process. Online cannot be one off, it has to be a continuous process.

Pulsar uses a growth-oriented approach in online marketing. Our growth-oriented design demands for continuous learning and improvement of your digital resources. This means continuous researching, testing and learning about your online visitors to inform on-going website improvements. Therefore we can optimise your website backed by actual data hence reach peak performance.


Engage. Key internal stakeholders, including management, are interviewed with an aim of understanding the business’ background. This first step aims to gain insights on the current online brand situation. Collaborating with the organisation results in us understanding what role digital marketing plays in your organisation. It helps us also to understand how it fits strategically into your marketing plans.


Data. For existing websites, we use current analytics data to understand current challenges. We employ use of qualitative research to understand your target market and how they tie to your organisation’s brand strategy. The research and analysis stage will inform on the content strategy.


Propose. From the research, we now have insights to develop mock-ups and propose a project plan. How does the project plan fit in to your current brand strategy and brand identity design? The purpose of the brief is to showcase project proposal and how we plan to achieve this.


Visualize. At the core of this process is the user, your target market. We build to ensure a good user experience which shall be improved upon through continuous analysis of web data. All information must be properly arranged in a manner as to which the user understands it and navigates through it easily. Your new website undergoes various tests to ensure industry standards are met if not exceeded.


Opportunity. We consider any new development within your organisation as an opportunity for you to connect or reconnect with your target market. Your new website is an added advantage to you and your customers as your brand can now interact with your customer at any time and place with internet connectivity.


The second phase involves learning the website, by use of analytical tools, while building digital assets including email lists and social media base. Our minimum engagement is usually one year at the end of which you expect a completely optimised website including but not limited to a new and improved look and feel. The second phase is best explained by the diagram below. Pulsar offers support during the period such as content updates and management of social media accounts.

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