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Your website is very similar to your physical store. Just like your brick-and-mortar store, your “virtual store” (i.e., your website) will need an upgrade from time to time. The only difference is that your website may need these upgrades more often than your physical store. Sometimes these upgrades may involve starting over afresh (just like moving to a new place).

There are various reasons for starting over afresh i.e., redesigning your website. One of the main reasons is technological changes in the world. A good example is the advent of smartphones. These devices have changed communication with most communication needs being met on the smartphone. This gave rise to the responsive web design. A new type of web design that works consistently across all devices. Before the advent of smartphones, websites used to have a separate mobile page and a separate desktop page. In places like Kenya where according to the Communication Authority 99% access the internet via mobile, it is absolutely crucial to have a responsive web design.

At Pulsar, our approach to web design and development involves continuous support, maintenance and improvement. We are constantly training our web design team with emerging web technologies. You as a client therefore get the benefit of remaining relevant year in year out.

Before recommending a web site redesign we go through a couple of items to ascertain whether you need a redesign. You can also do it yourself using this checklist.  After assessment, you can know whether your website needs a complete redesign or just a simple upgrade. An assessment involves a complete examination and development of new strategies that will meet your new objectives.

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