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A logo (your brand identity) should be the centrepiece of your branding strategy. It defines your brand’s emotive qualities that underscore who you are as a business. A well-designed logo can create loyalty through simplicity and memorability.

When designing a logo, you need to make sure it will represent the business in the right way. But above all, we need to keep in mind the simple principles that determine the versatility and viability of logos. You need to factor many variables including:

  • How the logo will look on products
  • How it will appear on advertising and marketing materials
  • How it will tie your other branding collateral together
  • The thoughts and emotions someone feels when they see your logo

Below are the common types of logos a creative/design agency may work with.

Letter mark

A letter mark is a typography-based logo that’s comprised of a few letters, usually a company’s initials. The letter mark is all about simplicity. This type of logo is great for businesses whose name is too long, hard to pronounce, hence shortened to form the letters.

Lettermark Logos in Kenya


A wordmark is a text-only typographic representation of a logo which involves the creative arrangement and modification of words to present a visual identity for a brand that will hopefully leave a lasting impression.

Wordmark Logos in Kenya

Combination Mark

Combination Marks are graphics with both text and a symbol/icon that conveys the brand image that you wish to create for your company or organization.

Combination Mark Logos in Kenya

Brand Mark (Symbol/Icon)

Brands use visual images, elements or symbols to get themselves identified by their consumers. These are called Brand Marks. Brand marks serve the purposes of contributing to building and maintaining brand’s image.

Brand Mark Logos in Kenya


Emblems involve placing text inside of a symbol so that the two are practically inseparable. They resemble the look of an official badge or seal, making them a common choice for government and political organizations, but they’re also used by well-known private companies

Emblematic Logos in Kenya


Building your brand is all about investing in brand communication. It is about ensuring your audience get’s to understand your brand promise.

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