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This is the most awaited month of the year. The relief of knowing, that the year has come to an end, and the joy of knowing that almost all companies will be throwing sales at them. Moreover, there is the anticipation of rest at the end of the month.

Most brands would incorporate holiday marketing in their brand strategy as a way to appreciate their customers. These customers would probably be deciding to shop online to avoid store traffic that is often very common during this season, or rather during this month. Allowing for online shopping and deliveries would entice customers to shop at their comfort without having to plan to visit stores, and have to go through the dreaded shopping congestion.

Brands can also choose to visit their brand agencies to have a modification of their logos so as to suit the season. This would usher in the holiday mood and probably even have a different tag line just for the month that would reflect their appreciation to their clients. What is key in all this is creativity because in most cases, most brands end up having the same message which is often a disappointment to the customer. The brand may choose to have something different that incorporates what they sell without necessarily having to change their logo. However, can choose to retain their tag-line for recognition purposes and have a seasonal logo change. This is often catchy but the marketing agency has to be purposeful not lose the customer by modifying it too much.

Though social media has been a platform that has been used by many brands, using it during this holiday season can be of better results than the rest of the year. This could be a time when you introduce new products and sell them at an affordable price as a way of bringing them into the market. It would be nice to have them brands have new stock than clearance sales which they would put out in their social messages. It is disappointing to shop on clearance especially if you had bought the product earlier. They can also have free coupons for their faithful customers.