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What will it take for your brand to stand out? A consumer’s environment is one that is today filled with immense information. Our brains have adapted to filter out this information and only the brands that stand out do get our attention. Branding helps save time for consumers and this time converts to currency for your organisation in the form of a purchase. Our awareness of a brand saves time involved in investigating a company, making it easier to reach a purchase decision.

Your brand is your identity in the marketplace. It represents who you are, what you do, your quality of product or services, and much more. Every time a consumer interacts with your brand it gives informational cues to them and conjures all of a customer’s experiences and perceptions whether good or bad. A simple informational cue is your logo.

Brand marketing involves increasing your target market’s awareness of your identity in the marketplace. It involves communicating what you do and how well you do it in the little space of time you have in your customer’s environment. This little space of time you have is yours to maximise and give the potential customer reason to know more. This can be communicated through a logo that appears on all marketing material i.e. your website, business cards, business stationery, e-mail address, and brochures. The brand’s logo should be ubiquitous and memorable, so that customers can easily associate with it and your brand’s products and services.

When done effectively, it increases chances of repeat businesses determined by prior experience with your brand. For customers, the company’s brand represents instant knowledge of that company. Your quality of products and services therefore is more important than any carefully crafted communication. The actual experience with your brand will create a perception and determine your reputation.

Setting goals for brand marketing involves identifying what the company desires to be known for, and then developing a consistent message across multiple advertising channels. Is the company innovative? Energetic? Rugged? Creative? Sophisticated? The personality or character of the company brand should resonate with the core values of the target customer.

Brand campaigns should have a number of defined and measurable objectives. These objectives can include the following:

  • Conjure your message instantly
  • Enhance credibility
  • Prompt an emotional affirmation
  • Motivate the buyer
  • Augment customer loyalty

Pulsar has gained experience over the years as a branding agency and engaged several brands in brand marketing. At the heart of these objectives is the sale which is the single most important process of any business. It is the reason of your brand’s existence in the first place. Your brand is, therefore, the single most important factor in this process. Have you built your brand well enough to resonate with your customers?

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